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High Load Multi-Rotational Disc Bearings for Steel Plate Girder Bridges

  • 12 May 2021
  • 12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
  • Virtual Presentation


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Ronald J. Watson, President/CEO, RJ Watson, Inc.          


High load multi-rotational bearings typically consist of pot, spherical, or disc bearings. Over the last 20 years disc bearings have been the device of choice for bridge designers due to their long-term performance and cost effectiveness. For steel plate girder bridges disc bearings are the common solution to the problem of distributing the loads, movements, and rotations to the substructure without damage.

 Two high profile projects demonstrate the advantages of disc bearings for a variety of conditions on plate girder bridges. The first is the $4 Billion LaGuardia Airport Rehabilitation Project where 470-disc bearings were supplied for the plate girder bridges in this complex structure. The second is the I-480 Valley View Project near Cleveland where the contactor has completed a new structure between the existing twin structures and is retrofitting the existing plate girder bridges to bring them up to current standards. In both projects, disc bearings were called upon for unusual conditions and were able to meet the challenges of these unique projects. This presentation will highlight the design of the disc bearings and cover the testing and installation challenges for the devices on these prestigious projects

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